It's Magic made its debut on June 11th, 2010 with a ribbon cutting ceremony and a lot of magic being performed that day.   The company was created in the middle of the night when the founder, Neil Schloss, dreamed of what business would fit well in the space that was vacant in his building.  From the time he was a little kid, his parents would hire a magician to perform at his birthdays.  His earliest memory was of a local magician named, David Kotkin, performing as a magician at his birthday party.   David Kotkin went on to become famously known as David Copperfield.   Magic always stirred in Neil's heart and mind as he grew up, learning tricks along the way.

Neil's path led him to study accounting at Trenton State College, now known as The College of New Jersey,  where he received a degree  in Accounting and went on to open three businesses, Castle Consulting, Travel By Castle and Castle Payroll Services.  He has grown his consulting business  successfully by helping small businesses and individuals understand accounting and their finances better. 

The store is currently open on weekdays from 10-2 Monday thru Friday.   Magic is something special to everyone in different ways.  Some want to learn and perform it.  Some want to enjoy it.  Some think they know how to do it or how it is done.   Either way magic brings smiles to all and that is the goal of It's Magic.